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Re: Bug#655185: RFP: pxz -- parallel xz compressor


Chow Loong Jin wrote:
> > Parallel XZ is a compression utility that takes advantage of running
> > LZMA compression of different parts of an input file on multiple cores
> > and processors simultaneously. Its primary goal is to utilize all
> > resources to speed up compression time with minimal possible influence
> > on compression ratio.
> Ooh, parallel xz compression sounds really awesome. I wonder if the generated xz
> compressed files can be xdelta'd by pristine-tar, though.

Good question. Not sure if pristine-tar supports xz already at all.

WRT parallelization: For bzip2 pristine-tar makes a difference between
bzip2- and pbzip2-generated files. There also exists pigz which is a
parallel gzip implementation. But either pristine-tar does not support
it or its generated files are bitwise identical to those generated
with gzip.

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