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Re: Providing a dummy web server package in Debian (Removing web server dependencies from web apps)

+++ Steve Langasek [2012-01-08 05:23 +0100]:
> It would be very wrong to bypass the dependency system in the archive on
> account of the filesystem cross-mount tricks described here.  Using equivs
> locally is the *right* solution for such cases.

I think steve is right here, even though it is inconvenient.

I was about to suggest that equivs should have more examples for this
of thing, but thought to check first.

Guess what, it already has /usr/share/doc/equivs/examples/webserver.ctl

Section: web
Package: webserver-dummy
Provides: httpd
Description: Webserver dummy package
 This package provides dpkg with the information that
 there is a local webserver installed.
 Installing dwww, man2html etc. won't bug you to
 install apache any more

(That description could be improved)

equivs-build /usr/share/doc/equivs/examples/webserver.ctl

prodcues the package you want.

The docs could be improved (I've used equivs before and it still took
me a few mins to work that out).

And equivs is an incredicbly-useful well-kept secret (of which Debian
and GNU/Linux has many). Any suggestions for making it better known
would be good. This disucssion has no doubt helped a little.

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