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Re: Bug#654896: ITP: xul-ext-debianbuttons -- Buttons for querying Debian-related pages with Iceweasel/Firefox

On Sat, Jan 07, 2012 at 02:03:56PM +0000, Tanguy Ortolo wrote:
> Adam Borowski, 2012-01-07 13:02+0100:
> > It appears to do exactly nothing a simple keyword can't do.
> That is correct, but it does not mean it is not useful.
> Assuming you put a bug number into the clipboard, for instance by
> double-clicking it on some IRC channel, let us compare:
> * in both case, you go to your browser;
> * with a keyword:
>   - you search for the appropriate search plugin, install it and program
>     the keywork (only the first time),

There's no "search plugin" needed.

In fact, keywords make the whole search bar redundant, it's kept only for
marketing purposes (as Mozilla gets most of its income from Google) and for
beginner users.  It's faster to type "g foo bar baz" (since you're already
typing) or "wp MAFIAA" instead of having to both select a search plugin and
type in (or paste) the query.

And if you prefer to use several mouse clicks instead of several keyclicks,
defining a search does the same thing as this extension without taking up
extra interface space.

> * with a button:
>   - you search for the appropriate extension, install it and place the
>     buttons (only the first time),
>   - you move your mouse to it and left-click.

This works only if the query never comes from any other source than the
clipboard.  A bug number tends to be pasted, package names not really.  And
often you want to prepend "src:", something that can't be done easily in the

> You might prefer the first way, but not everybody does, so these buttons
> may still be useful for some people. Actually, they will for at least
> one person, myself. :-)

Hey, I'm not someone to protest having more features -- doing that leaves
you with such abominations as Gnome3.  I'm just pointing out a away that
(to me) appears more convenient and greatly more generic, while requiring no
extra package.

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