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Re: Bug#654896: ITP: xul-ext-debianbuttons -- Buttons for querying Debian-related pages with Iceweasel/Firefox

Adam Borowski, 2012-01-07 13:02+0100:
> It appears to do exactly nothing a simple keyword can't do.

That is correct, but it does not mean it is not useful.

Assuming you put a bug number into the clipboard, for instance by
double-clicking it on some IRC channel, let us compare:
* in both case, you go to your browser;
* with a keyword:
  - you search for the appropriate search plugin, install it and program
    the keywork (only the first time),
  - you type ^L to go to the address bar,
  - you type “bts ”,
  - you move your mouse to the address bar and middle-click,
  - you type ↵;
* with a button:
  - you search for the appropriate extension, install it and place the
    buttons (only the first time),
  - you move your mouse to it and left-click.

You might prefer the first way, but not everybody does, so these buttons
may still be useful for some people. Actually, they will for at least
one person, myself. :-)

By the way, the BTS button seems to have one nice feature: it works even
for texts such as “#4212”, whereas with a keywork it may be necessary to
remove the hash sign first.

: /` )   Tanguy Ortolo <xmpp:tanguy@ortolo.eu> <irc://irc.oftc.net/Tanguy>
| `-'    Debian Developer

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