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Re: Source package without a binary


Am Donnerstag, den 05.01.2012, 22:33 -0800 schrieb Josh Triplett:
> Joachim Breitner wrote:
> > From my point of view, it seems desirable to package the testsuite as a
> > source-package of its own, build-depending on GHC and the additional
> > libraries required, and upload that. Our autobuilding infrastructure
> > would thus run the testsuite on the various architectures, which is very
> > desirable, given that we are talking about a compiler that is not
> > well-tested by upstream on the more exotic architectures.
> Wouldn't this mean that you'd have to trigger a no-changes bin-NMU of
> the testsuite package every time GHC changes, to re-run the test suite?

correct. It sounds rather convenient to me (at least with todays
wanna-build architecture with edos-support and autosigning, so this
would not burn human resources). And by using binNMUs, I can even select
individual architectures, e.g. after adding a patch to to GHC that only
affects s390, I can schedule a binNMU on s390 only, or skip running the
test suite after an upload of GHC that has only non-functional changes.
Thanks for pointing out that advantage.


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