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Adding ISO-search support to the CD (netinst) images?

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Heya *,

I am using an usb-stick as a boot-and-repear-everything tool. The
current setup contains syslinux booting Grml, Squeeze D-I and Testing
D-I in 32 and 64bit → 6 entries, hand-crafted into a syslinux.cfg.

With yesterdays Grml release, I thought I could spend an hour or so
automating and improving my setup.
Step 1 was to replace the two Grmls with grml96 and booting it via
Grub's loopback instead of syslinux [1].

Step 2 would have been doing the same with Debian, but as Debian doesn't
have the alternative grub boot grml has, I though I just could loopback
the iso, load kernel and initrd from it and rely on the
iso-scan/load-iso stuff to find the iso again.
Sadly, this does not work, as the initrd of the ISO does not contain the
iso-scan/load-iso like the hd-media [2].
Getting the hd-media initrd and using this works of course.
I wonder if it would be possible to add iso-scan/load-iso to the
CD-images and use it in case no cdrom could be found, removing the need
for a separate hd-media (and allowing creating of custom setups where a
dd of the iso to the usb-stick is not enough w/o downloading more than
just the iso).


[1] http://www.supergrubdisk.org/wiki/Loopback.cfg

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