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Re: Getting dh_install to do what we need

Goswin von Brederlow <goswin-v-b@web.de> writes:

>>> My implementation copies the file to the desired destination, which may
>>> or may not be a good idea - I'll do some more tests to see which one's
>>> less painful and more safe.
>> That breaks -X, --fail-missing, --list-missing, --sourcedir, and --tmpdir
> That is part of what I fear will happen with executable config files.
> How do you get access to the parameters passed to dh_*? Scripts my need
> to honor them.

For now, my latest implementation should not break -X, --fail-missing
and --list-missing, the three options out of five that are used

It won't work with --sourcedir and --tmpdir, though, and that's
something I can't change, unless debhelper starts to pass down options,
or export them via an environment variable.

These are corner cases, though, which can be appropriately
documented. Neither --sourcedir nor --tmpdir is all that common I think,
so the number of cases where one would want to use an executable
.install file together with either of the two problematic options would
be minimal.


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