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Re: Getting dh_install to do what we need

Gergely Nagy wrote:
> At the moment, I have something that works like this:
> ,----
> | #! /usr/bin/dh-exec-install
> | # The next one will simply echo it back to dh_install
> | source-file /dest-dir/
> |
> | # This one will copy the file itself, following similar heuristics as
> | # dh_install: it will first try the source file directly, and if it's
> | # not found, try the same path under debian/tmp/. The destination is
> | # relative to debian/${PACKAGE} (as per dh compat level 7+)
> | #
> | # Since dh-exec-install does the copying itself, this line is NOT
> | # echoed back to dh_install.
> | source-file /dest-dir/new-name
> `----

Of course the reason I didn't add this to dh_install 10 years ago is
that this syntax sucks. It's really horrible; either the trailing slashes
are much more significant than makes sense, or what it does depends on
the state of the filesystem(ie, checking whether /dest-dir/new-name is
a directory).

> My implementation copies the file to the desired destination, which may
> or may not be a good idea - I'll do some more tests to see which one's
> less painful and more safe.

That breaks -X, --fail-missing, --list-missing, --sourcedir, and --tmpdir

see shy jo

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