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Re: [Pkg-scala-maint] Binary blobs in source packages

Le 13/12/2011 21:30, Philipp Kern a écrit :
> But then I don't see how you could avoid circular build-dependencies
> with compilers written in their own language.  fpc/fp-compiler does the
> same.

OCaml, F# (and Scala, it seems) do that by targetting a bytecode for
which there exists an independent interpreter (resp. OCaml's own
bytecode, .NET, Java). A (cross-platform) binary is then bundled with
the sources and is used for initial bootstrap.

In the OCaml case, a bytecode compiler (ocamlc) is bundled in the
upstream tarball, and the build system recompiles it until it reaches a
fixpoint. There are also native code backends for selected architectures
that can be compiled easily once everything has been compiled in bytecode.


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