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Re: GNU/Linux COM development and Wine/Samba

On 09/12/11 19:57, Stephen Kitt wrote:
Hi Philip,

On Fri, 09 Dec 2011 03:18:32 +0000, Philip Ashmore
<contact@philipashmore.com>  wrote:
I've got several projects in SourceForge, one of which is v3c-dcom


I'm quickly coming to the realisation that I would need several
headers/tools from Wine


, the idea being to be able to develop COM components natively.

I'd rather not simply pick them out of Wine, and was hoping to start off
something more productive.
Do you have a list of the headers involved? The MinGW-w64 project regularly
syncs some of its headers from Wine, it may already have what you're looking
for (albeit in an awkward location if you're developing for Linux rather than
for Windows). It's available in Debian as mingw-w64; the headers are in


To avoid duplication please see my reply to Jelmer Vernooij's email.


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