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GNU/Linux COM development and Wine/Samba

Hi there.

I've got several projects in SourceForge, one of which is v3c-dcom


I'm quickly coming to the realisation that I would need several headers/tools from Wine


, the idea being to be able to develop COM components natively.

I'd rather not simply pick them out of Wine, and was hoping to start off something more productive.

I guess the topics for discussion are

1. What's the "Debian" way of doing this?
Wine development packages would be split into a shared, Wine, Samba and GNU/Linux-specific binary/dev packages.

2. Does Debian officially approve of the idea of a native COM/DCOM implementation? Wine already does this, but the premise is that it's for Windows programs, which is a bit vague. As this seems to be approved by Microsoft by default, could this situation change with a native port?
   Would this be rocking the apple cart?

3. These native components could eventually talk to Wine/Samba components.
   Does anybody care about this?

4. Samba/Wine integration
   Shared components mean less code to debug.
   Samba and Wine seem to be stuck here.
Maybe having a native implementation that they could both use would be the answer,
   since Wine and Samba are native implementations already.

Comments please.

Philip Ashmore

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