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Re: Work-needing packages report for Dec 9, 2011

On Fri, 09 Dec 2011 20:43:46 +0100
Rodolfo kix Garcia <kix@kix.es> wrote:

> On 12/09/2011 07:15 PM, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> > Maybe we should consider closing those bugs after a while?
> But, if the bug exists, you cannot close the bug.

Of course it can be closed and it can be closed by anyone with a QA
role. The only question is when.
> Other thing is remove the old packages from debian. Probably some 
> packages should be removed because are too old, without upstream, and no 
> people using them. http://popcon.debian.org is a good tool to get info 
> about installed packages.

As has been discussed on this mailing list many times, popcon is NOT a
good tool get info about installed packages re removal of packages. It
can give a slight indication but it is merely a hint, not a tool to be
banded around as reasons to remove or not remove packages. (I've
installed Debian more times without popcon installed than with - by
about two orders of magnitude.)

Packages are often removed for being too old - usually as a RoQA:
abandoned upstream.

> > While I'm
> > sure help for grub2 would be welcome, are people actually going to see
> > that bug which is about 7.6 years old?  What are the criteria for
> > closing the bugs?

If any of these help bugs are against orphaned packages, I think the O:
replaces the RFH:, so those can be merged.

If the package has any other reasons to be removed (where being
orphaned isn't necessarily the sole reason), then removal is the best

For the rest, maybe it could be a QA role - similar to the occasional
closing of ITP/RFP bugs and retitling ITA back to O: bugs.

Hard and fast rules for these things will be hard to develop. I think
it is just one of those QA tasks. In that respect, I'm glad that the
WNPP mailings have restarted - it keeps these things on the radar. The
more people notice these things, the more likely someone will be
sufficiently motivated by the reminders to spend a little time
assessing the package.

As a sideline: how many DD's have actually packaged something for which
an RFP bug was open? How useful are RFP's?


Neil Williams

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