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Re: ecofont

Dear "810d4rk",
810d4rk schrieb am 06.12.2011 22:52:
> Hi, may I ask if it is possible to include ecofont
> (www.ecofont.com/assets/files/ecofont_vera_sans_regular.zip) in
> debian?

assuming (I haven't checked that), that the font satisfies the DFSG [0], you can
either package the font yourself and file an "Intend To Package" (ITP) bug or
you can ask others to package the font (no guarantee that will happen) by filing
a "Request For Packaging" (RFP) bug. Both of those bugs must be filed against
the wnpp "package". You should use reportbug for the procedure. Before filing
either of those bugs, please check, whether somebody already has requested the
package or is working on it ([1]).

Kind regards,
Kai Wasserbäch

[0] <http://www.debian.org/social_contract#guidelines>
[1] <http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/prospective>


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