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Re: New sections and frontend behaviour [Was: Re: New sections]

Le dimanche 04 décembre 2011 à 23:47 +0100, Goswin von Brederlow a
écrit : 
> The reasoning being that both metapackages and transitional packages
> should have their dependencies marked as non-automatic so they don't get
> removed when the top package is removed.
> I think mixing the two types of packages would be a mistake as one wants
> quite a different behaviour from them:
> metapackages: keep them installed
> transitional: remove after upgrade once nothing depends on it

Basically I agree. Either a new section or oldlibs sounds better for

> I think dependencies of metapackages should be left as automatic but
> frontends should ask wether to turn them all to non-automatic when the
> meta package is selected for removal. So at removal time one would get
> the choice of keeping all/some or removing them all. This could also
> only ask if the metapackage was non-automatic.

Indeed. Another thing to do with metapackages should be to give a higher
priority at keeping them installed when doing full upgrades. Obviously
you don’t want that with transitional packages.

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