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New sections


following the 3 bugs I close with this mail I just created new sections
in our 3 archives. That is,

introspection, which is for "GObject introspection data" (or whatever
               other subsystem is doing something similar to it in the

education, which is for education related tools that don't fit better
           into any other section

metapackages, which is for metapackages so that apt can do special
              handling on them.

For the introspection I also did move packages matching "gir1\.2-.*"
over, as specified in the bug (visible with next dinstall). education
and metapackages are left empty, maintainers who want to move their
packages over are free to follow the usual procedures of it, though you
can just give us regex patterns if you want to move more than one
package at once.

bye, Joerg
[And yes, sections should die, lalala, bla, imagine the usual blubb
 coming up on that already done, so skip it :) ]

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