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Re: FTBFS bugs against binary packages

Wolodja Wentland <babilen@gmail.com> writes:

> Hello,
> we are seeing an increasing number of users in #debian-next asking about FTBFS
> bugs that are reported by apt-listbugs during upgrades. Most of those users
> are not familiar with acronyms such as FTBFS or if these bugs apply to their
> setup.
> The underlying problem seems to be that a subset of FTBFS bugs are reported
> against binary and not source packages, which is something we might want to
> address. I think it is better to make sure that FTBFS bugs are reported
> against source packages rather than "fixing" apt-listbugs, but I am not
> entirely sure what the best approach is.
> It is certainly important to spread the word, but implementing such
> consistency checks in reportbug/mass-bugs/... might make sense.

I think reportbug should make it simpler to select the source package
when reporting bugs or include FTBFS as option in one of its menues
(severity or tags?) and automatically use the source package then.


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