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Re: Re: The mingw* mess in Debian

To provide all the binaries in gcc-mingw32 it will have to depend on
{gcc,g++,gfortran}-mingw-w64-i686; its only contents will be the
compatibility symlinks you mention (and the usual /usr/share/doc contents).
It will pull in mingw-w64-i686-dev indirectly, and binutils-mingw-w64-i686

This sounds like a lot of packages to get lost in. Will you still get *everything* if you install the mingw-w64 meta-package?

As I understand it having the mingw-w64 package produce a gcc-mingw32 package
will make the gcc-mingw32 source package disappear eventually...

A prior message to ftp-masters won't hurt, however. ;)

 - Fabian

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