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Re: How to manage/document C dependencies?

Le mercredi 23 novembre 2011 à 10:15 +0100, Thomas Koch a écrit : 
> But they also have a lot of dependencies to C libraries. These are currently 
> still committed to their SVN as .so files.

Urrgh, that’s awful.

> I'm totally clueless about C. Is there any best practice for an upstream how 
> to document your dependencies, their versions, license and download location 
> in a central place, maybe even machine parsable?

The best way is certainly to use pkg-config. There are autoconf and
automake macros to easily tell your requirements and version information
about them, and in which objects you need them.

Download locations should be mentioned in the documentation, there is no
standard for that.

> And what could upstream do to not rely on the .so files committed to their 
> repos? Provide a list of aptitude install *-dev commands required for a 
> developer?

This is the kind of information that can also be mentioned in the
documentation; but in all cases it is pkg-config that should check they
are correctly installed.

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