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Re: Increasing minimum 'i386' processor

On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 11:44:38PM +0100, Cesare Leonardi wrote:
>  These processors are about 15 years old but are still useful and usable
>  today and maybe still for Wheezy+1.

Bear in mind that when wheezy+1 is released, wheezy will still be supported for
some time. So the *actual* time that Debian removes support for this 15 year
old chip would be after the release of wheezy+1.

Also remember that you can continue to run an older release of Debian on old
hardware, particularly if such old hardware is doing a relatively static job
(such as routing), after stable support has ended.  After that point, you can
hand-backport things that you care about enough, for security coverage.

> I think that would be a pity if Debian will not provide anymore a
> kernel for this old cpus.

I think it would be a pity if Debian was held back to support such a tiny
minority of potential users.

Jon Dowland

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