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Re: Towards multi-arch: "Multi-Arch: same" file conflicts

[Jakub Wilk]
> The most common reasons for cross-architecture differences appear to
> be (in random order):

> - Compiling GNU message catalogs with gettext, which uses native
> endianness (see bug #468209).

Having read that bug log, it's not clear to me whether there's a
consensus about what to do about these.  Neil thinks we need native
endian .mo (which is problematic for multiarch), others think we need
.mo to be Arch: all and "dont-care"-endian.  Has any consensus emerged?

And is it worth splitting out a -l10n or -data package from a library
just so the library itself can be M-A: same?  (I suppose a side benefit
is you can use Recommends and cut down a little on the size of your
strict Dependency closure.)

> - BinNMUs (see <http://deb.li/CHYh>).

So I guess we can ignore changelog.Debian.gz hits, as there's not much
we can do about them.
Peter Samuelson | org-tld!p12n!peter | http://p12n.org/

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