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Towards multi-arch: "Multi-Arch: same" file conflicts

If a package is marked as "Multi-Arch: same", files with the same name have to be (byte-to-byte) identical across all architectures. Unfortunately, not all packages obey this requirement. I set up a page to track violators:


(If there is no MD5 sum information next to a file name, it means that the sum for each architecture was different.)

The most common reasons for cross-architecture differences appear to be (in random order):
- A bug in gzip that makes it output non-deterministic (#647522).
- Using gzip without the -n option.
- Compiling GNU message catalogs with gettext, which uses native endianness (see bug #468209).
- Including /usr/lib/debug/usr/bin/* stuff in -dbg package.
- Using lintian overrides with arch-specific paths inside.
- BinNMUs (see <http://deb.li/CHYh>).

Have fun fixing your packages. :-) The tracker is updated twice a day.

Jakub Wilk

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