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Re: Two groups of users, one distro in the middle

On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 05:50:08PM -0600, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Alex Pennace wrote:
> > According to [1], this isn't the first time the nodejs folks ran into
> > a name problem. Up until March of 2009 they were using the name
> > "server,"
> I suspect this was just a working title for the program being
> developed, in the half month before Ryan was able to come up with a
> real name[2].  I mentioned it in [1] just as a "Why the name?" factoid
> and have regretted mentioning it ever since.
> > [1] http://bugs.debian.org/611698#40
> [2] commit 19478ed4: 'Major refactoring: program name now "node"',
> 2009-03-03.

Fair enough, I withdraw that assertion.

Even without that point, the conclusion remains the same: Both
projects should endure the rename (unless one concedes), and that
shouldn't be viewed in terms of "look at what those meanies in Debian
are making us do" but instead regarded as a natural outcome of the
choices each project made at various times.

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