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Re: Description-less packages file

On 12664 March 1977, Joey Hess wrote:
> AFAICS, there are no diff files, so this increases the average apt-get update
> download size by 3.6 MB.

Yeah well, true. It's a place for testing, not for long term usage. :)
And pdiff generation is still a major PITA, even though someone started
working on it to get it better.

> Also, it seems unlikely this will ever allow apt to skip downloading the
> English files, unless translations somehow get to, and stay at 100%

Well. IMO that should/could be configurable to a point where a user
could say "I dont care about long descriptions at all", not needing to
download them at all or "Show me only long descriptions in my language"
and so only getting his own language (and yes, missing some maybe), or
something similar.

But even if we never end up with those options, storing the descriptions
once per suite instead of once per architecture per suite is worth it
already. IMO.

bye, Joerg
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Remove the passphrase from the (secret) gpg key and post it to
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