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important changes in ifupdown 0.7~beta2


Few moments ago ifupdown 0.7~beta2 entered experimental.

This release, amongst others, fixes this bug:
<http://bugs.debian.org/477650>. The change makes ifupdown to put
interfaces down in the reverse order that they were brought up.
If your /e/n/interfaces file relies on the behaviour of ifupdown in
this regard, please consider changing your configuration.

Second change may be important for maintainers of other packages
using /e/n/if-*.d hook system. Before 0.7~beta2, commands specified
in /e/n/interfaces were always executed before the scripts placed in
the directories in question. Now, on ifdown, scripts are called first,
and then user-configured options from /e/n/interfaces are executed.
Please consider this if you package or system depends on the order of

Third thing is that now it is possible for ifdown to detect a running
instance of ifup for the same interface and terminate it; in fact,
that's actually done. Also, any processes started by ifup will be killed
as well.

Please test and report any bugs you find.


WBR, Andrew

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