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Re: Bug#648286: ITP: r8168 -- Realtek r8168 device driver for Linux (DKMS version)

Thanks, Julien.

I see you've made r8168-source package as well - nice.
I will introduce support for module-assistant if we agree on package inclusion.

> I would second that as I have another problem with r8169 which doesn't
> support support resuming from suspend/hibernate. I've been using r8168 for a
> couple of weeks without any issue.
> I have even built a package for my own use [0] in case this can help.
> I will report a bug against r8169 as advised by Ben as soon as I find the
> time to clearly describe the issue.
> Cheers,
> Julien
> [0] http://git.kirya.net/?p=debian/r8168.git;a=summary

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