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Re: Bug#648286: ITP: r8168 -- Realtek r8168 device driver for Linux (DKMS version)

Dear Kai,

> well, then what is different and why can't that be upstreamed? And is there a
> known case, where the driver provided by Debian doesn't work (if so, is there a
> bug filed)?

Perhaps you are right, given the time and the skills and the hardware
and the person skilled and motivated enough it can be upstreamed.
Ideally it should be.
I'm afraid I don't fit for such job: I can't meet you high
expectations since I might not have enough time, skills, right
hardware, etc.
Let's see what Patrick Matthäi is going to tell since he is apparently
have a problematic hardware in his possession.

> Don't get me wrong: I love alternatives, but I don't see their value when it
> comes to device drivers.

That's probably because you can afford it due to lack of problematic
hardware on your hands.
For those who are not as lucky as you and me it might be more difficult.
At least we already have one person who might need solution right now.

Apparently we have a philosophical problem here: given the fact that
nether you nor me can benefit from having the alternative driver it
will be over-generalization for us to say that nobody can and
therefore don't give them a chance. We're not talking about mandatory
driver so alternative might be good for someone.

Of course it would be perfect to have one 100% working driver in
kernel so all those troubles won't be necessary at all.
I believe it will be like this, eventually.


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