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Re: Bug#648286: ITP: r8168 -- Realtek r8168 device driver for Linux (DKMS version)

On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 11:54:01PM +1100, onlyjob wrote:
> Perhaps you are right, given the time and the skills and the hardware
> and the person skilled and motivated enough it can be upstreamed.
> Ideally it should be.

IIRC, upstream doesn't want r8168 because supposedly it covers only
hardware that is also supported by r8169.  They feel that if r8169 is
buggy that it should be fixed.  Obviously, that isn't helpful at the
present moment if the current driver doesn't work for you.

Unfortunately, I can't find a reference at the moment, but I do remember
reading about it recently.

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