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The mingw* mess in Debian

Dear -devel,

is there a reason why we have both a mingw32 and a gcc-mingw32 package in Debian? Both seem to contain the same, i.e. the GCC from the MinGW project (please note they dropped the "32" for a while), but the version in gcc-mingw32 is newer than the one in mingw32.

For the 64-bit variant, there is a meta-package called mingw-w64 that pulls in gcc-mingw-w64 and mingw-w64-dev. However, for the 32-bit variant, the mingw32 package is not a meta-package but (an ancient version) the actual compiler, as stated above.

Then, some the package names are also inconsistent, compare mingw32-binutils and binutils-mingw-w64.

Is there a principle behind all this or where can I help to clean this up? ;)


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