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Re: Simplifying bootstrap on circular-dependent packages

Le vendredi 04 novembre 2011 à 17:30 -0400, Daniel Ruoso a écrit : 
> The basic idea is creating "dummy libraries" that would serve for the
> linking but that had no code on it. This would allow the linking to
> happen -- of course this only helps in the case where the build
> process doesn't run anything from the build-dependency.
> Later the other package in the cycle would be built, and the actual
> library would be made available instead of the "dummy", and the linker
> would find the actual library.

I don’t think it works for all such cases, because some of the circular
build-dependencies are needed by binaries run at build time. If they
don’t find the needed symbols, you’re doomed.

OTOH I can think of a pair of cases where your idea would work.

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