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Re: Bug#645656: network-manager in Gnome

]] Christoph Anton Mitterer 

| I've also had/have several times problems with those meta pacakges
| forcing me to install stuff I don't like (or I consider even unsecure).
| NM is surely an example of this (just grep CVE in the changelog).

One CVE in the seven years it's been in the archive?  If you take into
account the attack surface of it, that's a pretty good record.  Or do
you consider tools such as openssh (14 CVEs in 11 years) and eglibc (7
CVEs in 11 years) insecure?


| In gnome2 I' just made an empty equivs package for this,... but gnome3
| (well at least gnome-shell) does not even work anymore without
| gnome-bluetooth


| Nevertheless,.. why cant you make the metapackages to make more use of
| recommends instead of depends.


So since gnome-shell actually needs gnome-bluetooth, the dependency
should be demoted to a Recommends?

| If there's something that's really crucial for gnome, even for a minimal
| core version of gnome, like dconf/gconf, nautilus, the libs, and things
| like that, use depends,... for things like eog/evince or stuff like NM,
| which gnome runs without, make recommends.

I believe the Gnome packaging team would be happy to accept more members
if somebody wants to work on this and keep maintaining it.


| So I've installed it,... and now my sound makes crackling noise...
| *sigh*

I suggest you file a bug about it so it can be fixed.  (I didn't find
one filed by you at least, but I didn't look very hard.)

Tollef Fog Heen
UNIX is user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are

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