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Re: Bug#645656: network-manager in Gnome

Le Tue, 1 Nov 2011 12:31:26 +0000,
Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> a écrit :

> Josselin Mouette writes ("Bug#645656: network-manager in Gnome"):
> > Le lundi 31 octobre 2011 à 16:37 +0000, Ian Jackson a écrit : 
> > > I agree with the original submitter of this bug that
> > > network-manager needs to be optional.  In particular, gnome-core
> > > should not pull it in.  What can be done in Debian's gnome-core
> > > to fix this ?
> > 
> > There?s nothing to fix. NM is now part of the official moduleset
> > for the core GNOME desktop.
> I would like to ask you to reconsider this approach.  network-manager
> is not acceptable to many Debian users, and those users should be able
> to use Gnome.  In particular, I would like to know what will go wrong
> if network-manager is removed and what can be done to mitigate that.
> Saying that "this is now officially part of Gnome" is no answer at
> all.  Just because Gnome upstream do something doesn't mean we have to
> do it too.

Well as already said, gnome-core meta-package depends on official core
GNOME modules, which network-manager is part of. If you don't want to
install network-manager, don't install gnome-core meta-package.

About the consequences on applications if NM is not running/installed,
they should consider that the network is available, if they don't it's
a bug on their side.

Laurent Bigonville

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