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Re: Bug#645656: network-manager in Gnome

* Josselin Mouette [111103 18:53 +0100]:

> Le jeudi 03 novembre 2011 à 15:26 +0100, Elimar Riesebieter a écrit : 
> > Hmm, does NM works if nis runs ? nis daemon has by default no
> > time-out, starts before NM provides a network and locks the machine
> > loooong time 'til root can become access to stop nis.
> You don???t use NIS on a desktop machine without a local cache, so this is
> a non-issue.

I know many networks in production use which rely on NIS without
a local cache (whatever this means).

NM should be a recommends only to gnome-core. You want to decide by
yourself how to connect to a network, so "Depends: ...
gnome-network-manager" is a no-go.

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  Since there are no stupid computers humans can't be stupid.
  There are just a few running with Windows or even CE ;-)

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