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Re: Bug#645656: network-manager in Gnome

On 11/01/2011 01:31 PM, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Josselin Mouette writes ("Bug#645656: network-manager in Gnome"):
>> Le lundi 31 octobre 2011 à 16:37 +0000, Ian Jackson a écrit : 
>>> I agree with the original submitter of this bug that network-manager
>>> needs to be optional.  In particular, gnome-core should not pull it
>>> in.  What can be done in Debian's gnome-core to fix this ?
>> There?s nothing to fix. NM is now part of the official moduleset for the
>> core GNOME desktop.
> I would like to ask you to reconsider this approach.  network-manager
> is not acceptable to many Debian users, and those users should be able
> to use Gnome.  In particular, I would like to know what will go wrong
> if network-manager is removed and what can be done to mitigate that.

Your /etc/resolv.conf will probably not be what you want when removing
network-manager. Apart from that I personally had no issues.

> Saying that "this is now officially part of Gnome" is no answer at
> all.  Just because Gnome upstream do something doesn't mean we have to
> do it too.

True, though most of the reasons that made network-manager unacceptable
to many Debian users are solved in the meantime. network-manager does
not stop networking anymore during upgrades for instance. It would be
good to solve the last remaining ones too (one of them being the
resolv.conf issue mentioned above) IMHO.



PS: For people upgrading to Gnome 3 it might be interesting to know
there is something called gnome-tweak-tool to be able to configure
'advanced' settings.

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