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Re: Minified files and source code requirement

OoO  En cette nuit  nuageuse du  vendredi 28  octobre 2011,  vers 00:34,
Philipp Kern <trash@philkern.de> disait :

>> In other words, given the haziness in this area and the wildly divergent
>> practices of people when creating non-code works, I think we should look
>> at whether the provided "source" provides reasonable opportunity to meet
>> the core definition of free software, namely the ability to study and
>> adopt the work for one's own purposes and republish one's modifications,
>> and not get too hung up on whether the exact tools and steps the original
>> author took are included.

> What about a game that provides a set of resource source files but no scripts
> to create the actual pngs and jpegs?

We  should  not  push the  analogy  too  far.   Game resources  are  not
code. Here,  minified Javascript  code is code.  Your question  is still
valid but the answer would not help the debate here, I think.
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