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Re: Dealing with embedded javascript libraries

On Sun, 23 Oct 2011, Paul Wise wrote:
> More automated and manual testing can help here I guess.

Sure, but I don't expect Debian maintainers to write a test suite
when upstream hasn't created one. And testing an interactive web
application is a rather difficult problem.

> Also hopefully maintainers are using the packages they maintain and
> will therefore notice when they are broken by newer JavaScript
> libraries.

I do but I'm not using all the features all the time and I don't test
them for each upload.

For instance I just noticed that we can't install new widgets with the
current wordpress package due to some javascript related problem. I'm not
familiar enough with the codebase to investigate it easily. I can't
ask upstream about it because it works with the version of the libraries
that they are shipping.

While I would also love that all upstreams would be more aware of the
fact that they are maintaining libraries and that they must take
compatibility seriously, I can't really change that. Furthermore
many of them are not using a Linux system and have a (vastly) different

Giving all this I plan to put into practice the opportunistic replacement
idea that I suggested and to add lintian overrides for all the javascript files
where this opportunistic replacement is in place.

Does this sound reasonable enough ?

(I see quite a few overrides already for such files)

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