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Re: RFC: usb-modeswitch 1.2.0 release embedding jimtcl

Hi all again, 

first of all, thanks for the healthy discussion.

Now, given the feedback, I plan to go with the brand new option 6 which is an 
option 2, "done right" (eh, IMHO).

6) "Allow interpretation using separate libjim, from jimtcl"
    This means packaging jimtcl and allow the usb-modeswitch-dispatcher to be
    dynamically linked against libjim.
    (That, plus "repacking to avoid the embedded jimtcl copy")
    Pros: relatively easy, avoids the binary embedding of jimtcl.
    Cons: replaces the need of the desktop install on a "tcl interpreter" to
          "libjim"; it weighting (with default options that are more than what
          is needed by the usb-modeswitch-dispatcher) 268k.

As far as I could see, it's possible to win 32k by providing a libjim-tiny 
alternative library, but it doesn't seem worth it.

So, ITP on its way I guess.



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