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Re: Build error form Ubuntu regarding xz compression

olivier sallou wrote:

> Rejected:
> Require Pre-Depends: dpkg (>= 1.15.6) when using xz compression.
> Package indeed uses xz compression, but do you know what I should put
> in package for this on debian side?
> Should I add in debian control a pre-depends on dpkg as said in message?

Yes, you should. That's because no dpkg << 1.15.6 [0] is able to uncompress 
xz-compressed data.tar members of binary packages, hence the Pre-Depends 
(which implies that you have a fully configured dpkg >= 1.15.6 before your 
package gets uncompressed).

Now, strictly speaking, this is not formally needed within Debian as our 
current stable has a newer dpkg (, but this cannot hurt.



P.S. This would probably have been more suited for debian-mentors.


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