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konqueror or webkit problem

Dear developers,

since some time I got a little problem with konqueror. Pleas allow me to 

I am using debian/testing with kde and koqueror. When I call websites with 
pictures on it, konqueror is starting "libreoffice %U" whenever I call a new 
website. I am using "webkit" in koqueror. 

When I change back to KHTML, the error is gone. Sadly I cannot use KHTML, as 
some special sites i am using, are not running well with KHTML (for example 
www.xing.com). Thus I would like to stay at webkit. 

You should also know, that this behaviour appears in iceweasel as well, but 
only when iceweasel is going to be closed - and very seldom, too.

So, as I cannot clearly recognize, which package is responsible for that 
behaviour, I would like to ask, if you heard about this somewhere else. 

This behaviour can be reproduced very well, and it appears on my amd64 machine 
as well on my 32-bit EEEPC. First I thought, it might be a problem with flash, 
but this behaviour appears aslo on my own website, where is no flash content, 
but a picture on it. Strangely, on other sites like debian.org or 
blog.fefe.com, this behavior never appeared.

IMO I would claim the problem to webkit, but I do not know, if webkit is 
sending wrong commands to konqueror, or if konqueror is misunderstanding the 
correct commands of webkit engine.

If you need, there is a strace file available while the error appeared, which I 
will likely send to you.

Sorry, I cannot define the problem more specific, but these are the things I can 
clearly see. 

Please feel free to ask for more information, I will be happy to send them to 

Thank you very much!

Best regards


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