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Re: Move all to /usr

>>>>> Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@err.no> writes:

 >> The problem, AIUI, is that we start udev(7) before /usr is mounted.
 >> As udev is prone to spawn all the sorts of software in turn, we're
 >> either going to move more and more from /usr to /, /or/ to invent
 >> more kluges so that udev scripts would actually wait for /usr to be
 >> mounted.  Both are indeed valid issues.

 >> I don't know for sure /why/ udev(7) should precede /usr in the boot
 >> order, though.  Could someone clarify on that?

 > (With the assumption that /usr is on a separate fs from /): You might
 > very well need to load some drivers (be it network, FC, USB, SATA or
 > something else) and probe some bits (iSCSI auth?) to actually get to
 > the right block device.

	Yes.  But should the system be moved to /usr, the above would
	still have to be done before it's mounted.  The only difference
	is that instead of having all the software necessary to perform
	such initialization on /, we'd have to have them on initramfs —
	simply because no software is going to suddenly appear after
	mounting /, but before /usr is also available.  (Assuming that
	/usr is still to be pointed to from an fstab(5) entry.)

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