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Re: Move all to /usr

]] Ivan Shmakov 

| 	The problem, AIUI, is that we start udev(7) before /usr is
| 	mounted.  As udev is prone to spawn all the sorts of software in
| 	turn, we're either going to move more and more from /usr to /,
| 	/or/ to invent more kluges so that udev scripts would actually
| 	wait for /usr to be mounted.  Both are indeed valid issues.
| 	I don't know for sure /why/ udev(7) should precede /usr in the
| 	boot order, though.  Could someone clarify on that?

(With the assumption that /usr is on a separate fs from /):  You might
very well need to load some drivers (be it network, FC, USB, SATA or
something else) and probe some bits (iSCSI auth?) to actually get to the
right block device.

Tollef Fog Heen
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