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Re: Unix Time Zone Format

Just ignore them.  Hot air.

Microsoft et al. release stolen work and privatizes gov. projects. Can they prosecute you? I doubt it. They probably owe you.

If it works don't fix it, ignore mere talk about wishes of delay of linux. If anything they're hoping you'll make new work because they need to steal it to get out of their own patent problems capice? That'd be my guess.

And Have Fun!

Russ Allbery wrote:
Weaver <weaver@riseup.net> writes:

This Intellectual property rubbish is beginning to make me angry.  What
now?  Are we expected, each and everyone of us, supposed to pay a
stipend to some johnny-come-lately opportunist?


It's already back up and running at another site and a new release is
being planned.  I suspect the lawsuit will blow over in short order.  It's
obviously groundless and there are tons of expert witnesses who can
testify to that, but ado is a conservative sort of guy and will be

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