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Re: RFC: Adding "Pre-Depends: libtinfo5" to libncurses5

On 2011-09-05 19:17 +0200, Sven Joachim wrote:

> as requested in bug #631592[1], we (ncurses maintainers) are going to
> split out a new library package named libtinfo5 from the ncurses source
> package and link both libncurses5 and libncursesw5 against that library.
> This raises a small problem for upgrades from previous libncurses5
> versions:
> If the new libncurses5 is unpacked before libtinfo5, there is a time
> window during which programs using symbols that have been moved to
> libtinfo5 will not be able to start.  Since this includes bash, that
> could be rather bad, especially if bash is /bin/sh.
> To rule out this possibility, I would like to add an unversioned
> "Pre-Depends: libtinfo5" to libncurses5.  In my tests, apt did install
> libtinfo5 before unpacking the replacement libncurses5 anyway, so this
> is mostly meant as a safety guard against an unlikely situation.  I do
> not expect any upgrade problems to arise from that Pre-Dependency.

Since nobody expressed affirmation nor disaffirmation so far, I'm faced
with the following possibilities:

a) Don't add the Pre-Depends and wait for someone to whine that his
   system broke because libncurses5 was unpacked before libtinfo5.

b) Add the Pre-Depends and wait for someone to whine that no consensus
   on debian-devel was reached according to Policy §3.5.

I'm inclined to go with b), so if anybody has objections, please raise
them soon.


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