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Re: Wine status

Den 11. sep. 2011 16:00, skrev Kai Wasserbäch:
> (@Ove: I've already a multiarch-ready branch on my system which uses a
> significantly simplified debian/rules. If you are interested in that, let me
> know and I put it up somewhere.)

Not really. I always try to keep the packages possible to build without
changes on older systems (easy backports), which means I'm probably not
going to simplify the rules much, especially if such simplified rules
rely on new features like multiarch. Besides, the current rules can
already handle multiarch, there are just a few other things to work on
before I'll dare turning multiarch on. (And given that, last I heard,
the dpkg in testing/unstable still don't handle multiarch, well...)

Still, anyway, thanks for your efforts.

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