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Wine status

Hi all.

I'd like to know if someone has more info on the Wine package status.
From the outside and after searching from time to time on the internet, it's still not clear to me what's the reason why this package is so old.

Upstream is 1.2.3 (stable) and 1.3.28 (development) and they looks like quite active releasing new versions.

In Debian we have two Wine packages:
-  wine 1.0.1 (1.1.24 in experimental)
-  wine-unstable 1.1.35

Looking from sourceforge:
-  1.0.1 was released on 2008-10-17
-  1.1.35 was released on 2009-12-18

In the past, the more detailed informations i've found regarding the Wine delay were this:
But now it's seem superceded.

During the past years i've used opensuse Factory packages, converted to deb using alien, and that worked quite well. They are regularly updated:

In the recent past upstream site started to advertise this as Wine Debian package:
These are deb package that upgrades wine-unstable and that you have to install with dpkg. In these days i've tested them and seem to work well.
The person that make them is Kai Wasserbäch, a Debian developer.

I'm really confused.
Why doesn't Kay packages can't be the official Debian packages?
What's the problem behind Wine: technical, time, license?

It will be really appreciated if someone can share more info about that.


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