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Removing Spam from the Listarchives (was: Debian mailing lists archives as mbox

Hallo! Du (Andreas Tille) hast geschrieben:

[we should seperate the GSoC-project from the ListArchiveSpam efforts]

> As far as I know it is not only Christian and if we really want to get
> more people involved into Debian (including non-technicans) tasks like
> cleaning up the list archive from SPAM might be somehow interesting.

as i wrote the review-stuff explained in
I'm always interested in better methods to recognize spam.

The only thing i'm currently aware of are the 'task-forces' which are
listed here:

Behind the scenes i already use the results of the review to also
remove similar spam from other lists. That is much more manual doing
than it is good, but it is better to have some spam online, than legit
content offline.

However: I don't feel that d-devel is a good place for this
discussion, where should we take it (if there are even enough people
for it)?


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