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Re: Providing official virtualisation images of Debian

Debian live provide has the possibility to generate raw images with custom configuration.
Only problem here is it is to generate livecd instead of a ready to run image.
Adding this possiblity would provide VM for Debian but also Debian users to create their own Debian customized VM.
Raw format can be easily converted to other formats.
I talked some time ago with one of the developpers on Debian Live and was expecting to do so this summer (if he has  some time...). Unfortunatly, I am not an expert enough on kernel/system to help....
For Amazon AMI, constraint is on Kernel/Ramfs. On amazon, those are not in the image(disk) but separated, and cannot be provided. Those must be pre-uploaded on amazon, and only some providers can do so (Ubuntu is one of them).


2011/7/26 Daniel Baumann <daniel.baumann@progress-technologies.net>
On 07/26/2011 12:27 AM, Moritz Mühlenhoff wrote:
> I believe it's high time we start to providing Debian in form of official
> virtualisation images.

we have worked on that with debian-live (both producing live and
'non-live' images; the only difference is that live-* is not installed
in the rootfs), and provide soon vbox (and if interest, any other image
type) for this.

you might want to hold on for after debconf.

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