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Re: support for installing unconfigured systems (VM images, Debian Live images, preinstalled mobile/tablet images)

On Wed, 27 Jul 2011 04:12:44 +0000, The Fungi <fungi@yuggoth.org> wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 10:41:07AM +0700, Ivan Shmakov wrote:
> > AIUI, the .postinst scripts may be re-executed with
> > dpkg-reconfigure(8).
> [...]
> In fact, for years I've relied on precisely this behavior to
> regenerate SSH host keys when cloning machines (virtual or
> physical)...
>    sudo rm /etc/ssh/*_key* && sudo dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server

For a while I've thought that it would be good to have a way of
provoking such packages to reset themselves -- that way one might do
something like:

   dpkg-reconfigure --set-state-to-pristine

and that would then find packages that had things like keys to throw
away, by running something like the postinst with perhaps a 'reset'

If this was done in a flexible way, allowing behaviour to be modified
via debconf questions, or similar, it should be able to handle the cases
where you have a live CD, or have cloned a machine's disk, and want to
change it's name and keys and mailname etc.

It occurs to me that one might want to use this to allow someone to move
a disk to a new machine without that resulting in your ethernet being
renamed from eth0 to eth1 (but perhaps that's getting out of scope for

Cheers, Phil.
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