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Re: Forw/Re: Removal of systemtap from testing

On 27/07/11 at 10:39 -0400, Frank Ch. Eigler wrote:
> Hi -
> mehdi wrote on debian-devel:
> > Systemtap seems in pretty bad shape. Its removal from testing has
> > been requested (See #635543) and will be effective by Saturday if
> > still not fixed.  It you still care about systemtap, please step up
> > and offer your help to fix it.
> While we have no debian contributors on the team, would it help if we
> adopt debian build metadata within the source tree?


I don't think so: it's usually considered better practice to keep the
debian packaging separate from the upstream sources (even if YMMV).

What would help:
- subscribe to systemtap email notifications on the PTS
  (http://packages.qa.debian.org/s/systemtap.html, see little box on the
  bottom left corner) and contribute to the bug mail when you receive
- go through systemtap bugs on
  comment on them by sending email to bugnumber@bugs.debian.org (e.g

I'm interested in systemtap, but don't have much time to spend on
maintaining it currently. I don't know:

- how many of the current critical issues affecting the Debian package
  are fixed in the latest upstream version (1.5). (I expect "all of

- if that latest upstream version would work on Debian

Any input on that would be very much appreciated.

If you want to dig deeper, the debian package are available from git
(see links on the PTS page mentioned above).


- Lucas

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