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Re: Providing official virtualisation images of Debian

On 26/07/11 at 00:27 +0200, Moritz Mühlenhoff wrote:
> Hi,
> I believe it's high time we start to providing Debian in form of official
> virtualisation images. In contrast to the ISOs currently provided it
> allows a quicker evaluation/testing of Debian (and can also be very
> useful for testing (e.g. someone wrote on debian-release that he doesn't have
> access to oldstable/stable systems, with prepared virtualisation
> images that would no longer be an issue). For many setups this could even
> replace the installer since software selection and hostname can easily
> be tweaked post-install.
> I think it's sufficient for starters to provide images for stable
> (they can be updated for every few point updates if needed).
> What virtualisation solutions should be supported?
> - Virtual Box seems like a natural candidate since it's free and
>   included since Squeeze.
> - Vmware has a significant installed base and is relevant, although
>   proprietary
> - Microsoft Virtual PC is likely also needed
> - Qemu
> - Citrix XenServer?

- images for cloud infrastructures (AMI -- Amazon Machine Image)


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