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systemd service files as declarative daemon descriptions (Was: A few observations about systemd)


Am Montag, den 18.07.2011, 10:49 +0100 schrieb Simon McVittie:
> * a tool that takes the same command-line parameters as a sysvinit script
>   and implements them by parsing and running a systemd unit (which would
>   result in sysvinit scripts that consist of LSB headers, plus one line similar
>   to "exec not-really-systemd apache2.service "$@")
> (In fact, I wonder whether converting daemons' sysvinit scripts into
> a declarative format, then running them through a similar tool, would in fact
> give us more reliable sysvinit shell scripts than we currently have, even
> without replacing sysvinit :-)

there was once an attempt to define a declarative format for daemon
descriptions (http://wiki.debian.org/MetaInit) but it never took off.
The idea is still valid, though. And if the systemd service files are as
declarative as they should be, it should be possible to identify a
subset of supported options that can then be converted to sysvinit
scripts and upstart jobs.

This would not only greatly simplify things for daemon maintainers (as
they would not have to get their init script right, which is hard) but
also make it much easier to support multiple init systems in Debian.


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